Seniors living community

The home for seniors "Tiankovi Houses" is a place of relaxation and rehabilitation. The complex consists of four houses and is located in the town of Varshets in the Balkan Mountains. The houses offer accommodation in a place of rest, clean air and access to the healing mineral baths of the city. In the apartments, cleanliness and good treatment are at an exceptional level.

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation often proves to be a good decision for rehabilitation. Varshets is a famous resort for its spa activities, known for the fresh mountain air and its mineral waters. The fact that there is no limestone in the water of Varshets, makes it one of the softest in Bulgaria. This mineral water is used to treat neurological, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders. The fresh air and the healing water also have a positive effect on gastrointestinal and excretory diseases, eye and skin problems, etc.